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Of course the next entry I have to write is about an interview I had yesterday. I have part 2 of said interview on Monday where I actually see how the job is done, to really see if I’d like it and finally decide if I get the job or not. I’m kind of jonesing right now for this position. I’d be an activist for the Citizens Action Coalition, which is Indiana’s largest and oldest non-profit for the promotion and education of clean energy and other good things. I learned that Indiana is nuclear plant-free because of the organization. Right now they’re trying to push for a lower dependency on coal energy for solar and wind-power. I can dig it. I went to Hanover, I know how to have an opinion. So on Monday I have my observation day where I’ll get to test the ropes and possibly get my feet wet. While I’m still a bit blindsided by how …simple the interviewing process was (at least so far), I’m keeping my fingers crossed. By simple I mean laid back. It’s clearly a group of people I could enjoy being around. Dress is casual of course since walking door-to-door is the main job in informing (nothing crazy, he laughed), which I can dig.


Well, I got pants from my closet. Like, my only pair. And I got back from Amy’s early so I went with mom to get shoes. At first I was going for flats but then I saw these really fun heels. Nothing major; just 1″ deals that are pointy-toed and amazing. For $15 at Shoe Carnival. I felt like I looked like a presentable person, and that’s good. I’m going to just stick with my tennis shoes for Monday though. Maybe jeans. Probably my khakis. I’m excited.

Oh, and mom is taking herself a vacation with Carol so that’s fun. I get to watch the cats. And pray for work. I don’t know what I’ll do without her for a week… She bought a lot of food and some in canned goods. I have a feeling I’m going to eat a lot of Chef Boyardee and cold meat sandwiches. I am a capable, worthwhile creature. I am…
ALSO. We have stray kittens. Along with Gus, who we’ve been feeding for over a year now. The kittens are very pretty, there’s a gray stripped …striped (er, I always confuse the two) and a white with gray patches. The white one is a handsome kitten for sure. I spent like five minutes dangling my keys to try and lure him closer before mom called me Clyde and demanded that I get in my car to take us out to dinner. Fish fry. Also end up wanting to die after that.

Let’s see how this all goes~