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There are many reasons I should be frustrated. For instance, being just over that one year mark post-graduation with no steady job. Personal issues. All of that… and rightly so, I am frustrated at that and I’m frustrated with myself. I’m incredibly frustrated with myself, actually. You know what else frustrates me in my long list of perilous plights?

Not being able to write. I’m not as engaging as I could be and my thoughts are all scattered about. When I think of something to update this blog on it flies out the window as inconsequential. Oh boy. For a second there I thought about taking up freelance writing for extra money, and I still want to if I had the chance, but if my silly brain is so stressed out it shuts down the words stop flowing as well.

When I go through Stumble to look for a proper writing prompt I have to crawl through an unnerving amount of photo challenges and one word entries. The prompts I do find, ones central to blogging, are always the most awkward things I’ve ever Stumbled upon, and trust me folks, the things I’ve Stumbled on to are quite…meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

So. I’m at a loss. Any ideas?