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Again, I’ve been dragged from the dungeons of my femme-cave to type up another entry.

I think I’ll update with an observation! (Which means for me, borderline rant)

Recently I’ve taken to joining things to win. It’s like gambling, only the only thing I’m giving is my name. As if I had money… First there was a give-away for Honeydew Syndrome if you followed a person attached to the comic’s Twitter. That meant unprotecting my Tweets, but that was okay. I love HoneySyn and having it in print rather than just a webcomic was a pretty sweet deal. I don’t think I won, so I should protect my Tweets again. Where else am I to privately complain about people? Where else? Clearly not WP.

And then a local radio station that I’ve listened to for quite some time had a give-away for the new iPad 2. Anyone that knows me understands that I think the obsession that is associated with the iWhatever products is silly. If you have an iPhone I snort. Congrats on the ugly phone that can’t load flash. If you have an iPad I pity you if you paid for it. It’s just understood that the moment you shell out a lot of money for the latest and greatest Apple product that it’ll be outshined and obsolete within six months. That tends to be the going rate of their new products these days.

Nonetheless, I put my name in by liking the page on Facebook. Why the hell not, right? They had not one but two iPad 2s. What I mused I would do if I won would be to play with it for a week or so before deciding if I wanted to sell it to someone that was foaming from the mouth fanatical or just to keep it for myself. After all, I’m not in the best position money wise. Not yet. Still searching for a second job. Fingers crossed eh? That means that I could’ve made a few hundred on an iPad to someone that has the money to spend for it. Balance of supply and demand. No biggie.

The radio station should’ve probably put a cap on the amount of people who could be considered though, that I will say. It didn’t seem fair to those that HAD liked the page well in advance to have dozens upon dozens entering at the last moments before a name was randomly chosen.

But let’s not forget all of the comments on said page. This is what got me:

Time after time, people told their own sob story in hopes it would get them the iPad.

The choosing process is random. It would be unfair for the runners of the page to pick you based on how bad your story is. Most importantly, why tell something so intimate just for a little piece of technology? Oh yes, it would be shiny, certainly. An iPad is meant to be shiny and that’s how they get people coming by the droves. It will not, however, fix your problems. It will not make everything better. To rely on a piece of technology to act as a snap of your finger, boom-we’re-good is …silly.

See, I’m not going to say that an iPad wouldn’t be nice for you, and it’s almost as annoying as the kids that go “Hurr derp, I’d love an iPad 2; it’d make my friends jealous!” (You guys earn a special place on my self-absorbed tween-y shit list). So you’re the lesser evil. I’m even compassionate for your plight. I really am. I know how it is to be in a very difficult situation…


Guys… just. Guys. And then, when the names were called and you weren’t picked it’s ‘woe is me’. It was a contest. You weren’t promised, and the station didn’t put a limit on how many people could like the page and still be considered. If anything grump at them for not seeing that.

Then go like Nissan’s page, since apparently at 2000 fans they’ll draw a name and give away the iPad 2 they have, but seeing at how slow that’s going the new iPad 3 will be out by the time they get enough likes.

Enroll in contests that will give your children scholarship opportunities. Ensure that they have every chance of making something of themselves. Stop…pining…for…iPads. Need I say it again? Your priorities are a bit tangled. 😉 Keep the give-aways like that as something for FUN, which is part of the reason why even little old me signed up and in.


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