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This is …pure Tomfoolery at its worst. I saw one of my friends on Twitter RTing this goofy thing about Virgo. I made a lewd joke, then went over to Sexstrology’s page to see what they had for #Cancer. Here’s a list of some of them that I found funny or true. Or not, if it involves lackluster quickies. No real entry today, folks. I slept and felt like crap for most of it. D:

Sometimes #Cancer comes of as a cold person. Just stick your hand in their pants to make’em hot. (Burst out laughing. Jeff would say that this is impossible as I have a blackhole for lady bits… Or something like that.)

#Cancer never forgets (Dumbo ain’ got nothing on me.)

Cooking is the #Cancer females way of nurturing, so expect a lot of home-cooked meals when courting her. (Or not…)

Dating a #Cancer female? Give her babies or let her treat you like one. It’s all the same to her. (Goo-goo-ga-ga, I want your romance?)

#Cancer‘s hugs are world class and Cancer’s snuggles are second to none (You better freaking believe it.)

#Cancer signs tend to be night-owls. (Lately, yes…)

A #Cancer in a good mood is outright flirtatious. A moody Cancer is shy. Pay attention to that when you’re trying to hook-up. (Touchy-feely.)

#Cancer seems to have 2 personalities. One is very outgoing, funny and quirky. The other is shy, moody and antisocial. (That one hits home yeah.. >>)

#Cancer woman love being protected by a strong male
#Cancer show you love, then in the next minute, be cold and detached for whatever reason. Jeesh. (Jeesh. Sorry.)

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