est. 1987

Fatty McFatFat

I am under my new Snuggie. Looking quite sexy might I say.

I get to go out tomorrow for a second dinner. As I dressed up today, something that results in me wishing I didn’t have a button on my pants afterward, I plan on wearing sweats. Sweat shirt. Jeans. Mm. There will be much feasting tomorrow: Ham tomorrow. Roasted chicken tonight. I’m not used to having two dinners but yeah – wow. I’m looking forward to it though we did down two large bottles of wine tonight so our alcohol choice is beer.

It must be a miserable time of the year for people actually watching their weight at this time of the year. *snort* Mm, good food. Poor unfortunate dieting souls. As for me? Time to enjoy a food comma. Goodnight folks. Merry Christmas.


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