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Fatty McFatFat

I am under my new Snuggie. Looking quite sexy might I say.

I get to go out tomorrow for a second dinner. As I dressed up today, something that results in me wishing I didn’t have a button on my pants afterward, I plan on wearing sweats. Sweat shirt. Jeans. Mm. There will be much feasting tomorrow: Ham tomorrow. Roasted chicken tonight. I’m not used to having two dinners but yeah – wow. I’m looking forward to it though we did down two large bottles of wine tonight so our alcohol choice is beer.

It must be a miserable time of the year for people actually watching their weight at this time of the year. *snort* Mm, good food. Poor unfortunate dieting souls. As for me? Time to enjoy a food comma. Goodnight folks. Merry Christmas.


Paranoia of the Yule-Tide Type

You know, I haven’t been sleeping all that much these last couple of days. I stand corrected: I don’t sleep at night. Not until around 5 AM. It leaves me a little perturbed really and mom flustered. I do have something to blame: Slender Man.

Why I’m only frightened at night, when the photos taken of this internet-provided freak out were taken during the day is beyond me. I suppose I never really got along with night time, period. Maybe looking at the Fuel Fetish on TVTropes was a stupid idea. Okay, so it was a stupid idea. Has it stopped me from going back and looking at other pages? Dear God no. In fact I have another window open with around 10 tabs. After clicking some of them out.

This is RIDICULOUS though. I enjoy being online. I enjoy talking, writing, and reading and that’s what the internet gives me. How I ever survived without it I don’t know. I read more paperbacks, that’s for sure. Now I just reserve the tree killing to the coal burning. I don’t know which is worse. Pfff. I’m tired though, because even though I get sleep it’s at the expense of staying up so it off-balances everything.


…I think I’ve fooled myself into somehow being okay with Mr. Slenderman. After I hunt down the bastard that made him up I’m going to have an octopus attack him. Tentacles, donchaknow? I’ve also started calling him my homeboy. Like Jesus and Santa. I’ve decided that if he’s in my good graces I’ll let him skulk by my side as we take over the world.

So much for a cheery holiday entry, right?

Ho, Ho, Ho.

I’ve finally found acceptance of the holiday season. No, I haven’t chanced listening to the radio since Thanksgiving (which makes me realize how I need new music and bad. Lap 200 of Sugarland’s first album isn’t quite as shiny as the first 40). I have however slapped on an animated string of lights to my Firefox. Bah humbug to you, too. Not to mention I was saddened by the acute lack of Christmas tree I have this year. Since the cats have come around we’re too weary of them tearing up the fiber optics to drag the thing out of the basement.

Either that or mom wanted me to drag it out and just never informed me. Ah, well.

Wow, I’m broke. I’m broke and I didn’t even buy gifts. Just standard bills have put me under and sent me into that infamous sneaky hate spiral that makes me want to move to Russia. My ‘death’, as it is planned, may have it in the stars for me. …Maybe not; maybe just in the nearby fortune cookie factory. Whilst over at my godmother’s (to fix my screen) we had Chinese. My first cookie had “Your feet will touch the soil of many foreign lands”. If only, I thought wistfully. I want to travel. See everything. Be flighty (a kind word for avoidant) but have it be a productive means. A bit later I reached for the last cookie. I got the same fortune.

…Who needs ‘third time’s a charm’ when the second is simply so promising?

Many soils, eh? Maybe a trip with Santa will do the trick?