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Why So Serious?


Sorry folks for the lack of updating (apparently people do read this. shocker every time.). Let me explain some of the possible reasons for this sit’iation.


  • Lack of motivation! That’s right, something that would have been an adequate means of procrastination in the past has bored me. I’m working on remedying that though.
  • Er, well… I forgot which one of my obscure passwords belonged to this journal. Then I was too lazy to request for a lost-password email to an email account I rarely use, thus it takes 3 misfires before logging in correctly due to THAT password slipping my mind.
  • Nothing to really say. My life has been pretty dull guys. No, really.

With that relatively short list I bring you an entry. About…hm. Let me look at a generator or something for ide–Nevermind. Christmas.


Growing up, Christmas used to be one of my favorite holidays. We had the tree, the presents, the dinner and the gleeful anticipation of leaving Santa some diabetes inducing cookies and milk. There came a time when it wasn’t so easy to get the tree, or as many presents. Dinner was smaller. Santa got cookies everywhere else and really, for the good sake of everyone’s happiness we do want the chap to live. Ho, ho, ho. Despite all of this, Christmas is a time I hold dear to me.

Well. There is one thing that really pisses me off: the timing.

I’m not talking about the idea of it being a Pagan based holiday or how Jesus was really born during another time of the year and that whole controversy. No. That’s too ‘religious debate’ for me when I’m merely being a snarky trollop wanting to vent. What I mean about the timing is that it keeps coming earlier each year! The music, the decorations, the sales. Earlier, and earlier.

Christmas is getting downright malignant and not in the sunshine/rainbow/happy spreading way. During work (sob, they need to give me hours…just sayin’), well before Thanksgiving by more than a week, the store was playing Christmas music over the intercom. There were Christmas decorations everywhere. One of the customers laughingly said “Well, this is how you know we’ve forgotten Thanksgiving, huh?” in regards to the whole lot.

And we have. We’ve made Christmas so commercialized that it’s for the better interest that we spread it thin as far as it can go. Hey, guys! I DON’T DIG MARIAH CAREY YOWLING ‘I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS’. Knowing how Christmas is spreading the bitch’ll be at your inlaw’s for a month loitering about asking for your food. Does that sound fun? NO.

I used to love Christmas because it meant being with family. Being broke a good amount of the time it takes very little material things to please me. I really am quite happy with not getting anything for Christmas because guess what? Unless it’s something that is edible it’ll only sit around. My room has enough stuff in it. And yet…ugh, the COMMERCIALS advertising things. Smart phones, Blue Ray, more and more little gadgets. On repeat. Indefinitely. I actually have a rant about smart phones and 14 year olds having them but that’s not Christmas.

…Actually, upon further thought “14 year olds having smart phones that’ll be torn asunder” is quite Christmas-y. Nowadays, anyway.


Why such a joyous holiday has to look so bleak is beyond me. Use some other holiday like “hug day” to stimulate the economy. Imagine all of the business in the prostitution ring you could get on “Hug day”! A clever ploy on words paired off with an appropriate “ho ho ho” could have it be a perfect stand-in, don’t you think?