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Why am I writing about a date that hasn’t happened yet? Doesn’t that seem, well, counterproductive?


…It’s all going according to plan. This isn’t my first journal/blog/posting-hutch kiddos. I’ve had one since I was 15 and damn, I’ve been filling up the interwebs with teenage wangst, lamenting, and silly little joys since. So a simple pre-date entry isn’t going to hurt. I don’t date much, so they don’t come often! Suck it up.

It looks like it’s going to be a nice day today. A bit chilly. I have some errands to run beforehand. Get gas (Oh God, might end up PUSHING my Bart there), go apply at a check cashing place that desperately needs someone, then Dollar General, and clean up.

Apparently I have too many bits and bobs around the couch and they NEED TO GO. Which means somehow sticking it all in my room without having the cats attack it. We know I can’t shove it on my dresser of all things. Right now I’m watching Jerry make a fool of herself. My cats are so damned enthusiastic.

Note that I’ve not mentioned my pending date? I …well, my oh my, am of course nervous. It’s just a coffee date to chit chat and see how that works out. Then if it works out he’s invited me to go bowling the next day since that’s his bowling time. More play, less stress. Yeah. Trust me, I’m excited. I plan on getting there like, 30 minutes early so he has to come up to me. And cheekily read my Harry Potter while I wait. Cheek. I have it. Maybe.

I think I’m going to bring ice breaker questions since we’re both shy… I don’t want it to be incredibly awkward. haha

Looks like my kittens are wrestling. That means I should enjoy my Top Gear and other things that aren’t stressful. Part II later.


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  1. telemainreed said:

    OH MY

    YOU, Yackie, on a DATE! OH~

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