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Good news comes in odd ways for me. I got a job, well, assuming that I passed the training period with flying colors.

I worked my ass off. I got let go. Despite this, I’m not bitter. I still support the cause. I support my now ex-coworkers. I respect my ex-bossman.

I don’t hold a grudge because I’m taking away a positive experience. It was a first-time employment opportunity and I had one of the BETTER ones I could have ever asked for. It all comes down to me not getting up to speed in time to prove I could work there long-term. So, with a work reference that swears he’ll say wonderful things about me (I mean, I really did work quite hard), I’ll write about what I liked about it.


The workers were amazing and welcoming. They were knowledgeable. Bossman was cool and friendly, not to mention honest. Would I do it again? Yes, I would. I would donate to the cause even.


I’m a shy person but was showing improvement. I did have a hard first day and I was ill the third. So the numbers weren’t in it for me. My final day I needed 100. I got 60, but wow. That’s an improvement for me. I spoke to over 50 people in one night. Got 20 signatures toward the cause. I simply wish I had one more day. I would have even done it unpaid, just to prove myself.

…In the end though I understand. Can’t say that I’m too worried about interviewing for new jobs when I’ve gotten this under my belt. If you knew me in school you would know that I’m HORRIBLY bad with talking to strangers or getting the point across in words. I’ve improved, and I’ve improved in a short amount of time. If I can speak to over 100 strangers in a few days then damn, I know I can talk to ONE.

Keep your fingers crossed, I know I am. I know I’ll make someone a good employee.


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  1. telemainreed said:

    I still LOVE YOU YACKIE.

    Also I totally have an account now or SOMETHING! YEAH! Should I make a blog?

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