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I have a job, which is good. I’m probably more tired than I’ve been in awhile and I have very little time for myself right now. But I enjoy the job and the people I work with. I believe in the cause.

I had my first day of going door to door on my own yesterday. 45 doors, 23-24 (messed up a tally maybe) contacts, and many of those told me they weren’t interested before I even got to showing them our objectives. There were a few that were nice about it, then some that weren’t. It was honestly a little discouraging and I couldn’t get ANYONE to donate.

Right now I’m busy working on a rough draft for something on my personal time with a deadline of tomorrow by 4. It’s only 2 pages, and I got a flash of brilliance earlier this morning in my panic over what it’ll be over. It’s convincing myself that I need to stay up tonight to finish it off that’s making me anxious. I looked up sources so that isn’t bad. Just…2 pages. Need to type.

And apparently there is a staff night tonight that I NEED to go to. I like my coworkers. Hopefully they won’t mind me leaving a bit early so I can type this out and have it in before I have to get ready for work around 11:30.

By the way…my feet are covered in blisters. This is impressive, and very annoying. I think most of my frustrations are coming from mom not being here right now and me just starting an emotionally demanding job. I have to deal with the cats, my chores, and everything with very little time if I want to get 8 hours.

They say that it gets better though. I hope that someone for the love of God donates today. I’ll update later with the purpose of The Cause. It’s a good one.

Off to get ready. ❤


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  1. I would donate. Alas, I am not yet a famous writer. Call me later then?

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