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Hanover Times.

Bad Jackie, no update.

I am currently sitting on the couch in Sig as I write this. Certainly this can mean only one thing: I’ve been abducted by aliens and they weren’t gentle with the probing. The aliens need to understand that just because they saw a few S&M flicks while researching Earthlings that not all of us enjoy that activity so vigorously.

No, no. No probing for me. It does mean that I’m in Hanover for the weekend though! I figured a nice update was in order…

The drive down was a good one. Fairly uneventful, but that’s what happens when you’re driving down Indiana. Flat. FLAT. It was sunny though, so that was better than anything. I got here before dinner time. Drove near Sig. Jeff was outside. Promptly pulled over and did a slo-mo run and embrace. Twice.

After going to a friend’s I went toward the UG. Saw my old group of friends sitting in the UG as usual. Got tackled a few times there. Then I got sat on …thrice. Hm. Then I was assaulted by Aubray’s boobs when she ran toward me again, for like the 3rd time. I was offered a job down here lightly…

But you know, everyone I know up north would SLAY me if I moved down here.

I went and got to watch some anime with the anime club and Hocus Pocus back here on my computer. I promptly fell asleep during considering it was like 1:30 and I’d been up since 7:45. Ugh, I didn’t need to be up that eeeeaaaaarly.

Tonight is the Halloween party. Should be fun.



Why am I writing about a date that hasn’t happened yet? Doesn’t that seem, well, counterproductive?


…It’s all going according to plan. This isn’t my first journal/blog/posting-hutch kiddos. I’ve had one since I was 15 and damn, I’ve been filling up the interwebs with teenage wangst, lamenting, and silly little joys since. So a simple pre-date entry isn’t going to hurt. I don’t date much, so they don’t come often! Suck it up.

It looks like it’s going to be a nice day today. A bit chilly. I have some errands to run beforehand. Get gas (Oh God, might end up PUSHING my Bart there), go apply at a check cashing place that desperately needs someone, then Dollar General, and clean up.

Apparently I have too many bits and bobs around the couch and they NEED TO GO. Which means somehow sticking it all in my room without having the cats attack it. We know I can’t shove it on my dresser of all things. Right now I’m watching Jerry make a fool of herself. My cats are so damned enthusiastic.

Note that I’ve not mentioned my pending date? I …well, my oh my, am of course nervous. It’s just a coffee date to chit chat and see how that works out. Then if it works out he’s invited me to go bowling the next day since that’s his bowling time. More play, less stress. Yeah. Trust me, I’m excited. I plan on getting there like, 30 minutes early so he has to come up to me. And cheekily read my Harry Potter while I wait. Cheek. I have it. Maybe.

I think I’m going to bring ice breaker questions since we’re both shy… I don’t want it to be incredibly awkward. haha

Looks like my kittens are wrestling. That means I should enjoy my Top Gear and other things that aren’t stressful. Part II later.


Good news comes in odd ways for me. I got a job, well, assuming that I passed the training period with flying colors.

I worked my ass off. I got let go. Despite this, I’m not bitter. I still support the cause. I support my now ex-coworkers. I respect my ex-bossman.

I don’t hold a grudge because I’m taking away a positive experience. It was a first-time employment opportunity and I had one of the BETTER ones I could have ever asked for. It all comes down to me not getting up to speed in time to prove I could work there long-term. So, with a work reference that swears he’ll say wonderful things about me (I mean, I really did work quite hard), I’ll write about what I liked about it.


The workers were amazing and welcoming. They were knowledgeable. Bossman was cool and friendly, not to mention honest. Would I do it again? Yes, I would. I would donate to the cause even.


I’m a shy person but was showing improvement. I did have a hard first day and I was ill the third. So the numbers weren’t in it for me. My final day I needed 100. I got 60, but wow. That’s an improvement for me. I spoke to over 50 people in one night. Got 20 signatures toward the cause. I simply wish I had one more day. I would have even done it unpaid, just to prove myself.

…In the end though I understand. Can’t say that I’m too worried about interviewing for new jobs when I’ve gotten this under my belt. If you knew me in school you would know that I’m HORRIBLY bad with talking to strangers or getting the point across in words. I’ve improved, and I’ve improved in a short amount of time. If I can speak to over 100 strangers in a few days then damn, I know I can talk to ONE.

Keep your fingers crossed, I know I am. I know I’ll make someone a good employee.


I have a job, which is good. I’m probably more tired than I’ve been in awhile and I have very little time for myself right now. But I enjoy the job and the people I work with. I believe in the cause.

I had my first day of going door to door on my own yesterday. 45 doors, 23-24 (messed up a tally maybe) contacts, and many of those told me they weren’t interested before I even got to showing them our objectives. There were a few that were nice about it, then some that weren’t. It was honestly a little discouraging and I couldn’t get ANYONE to donate.

Right now I’m busy working on a rough draft for something on my personal time with a deadline of tomorrow by 4. It’s only 2 pages, and I got a flash of brilliance earlier this morning in my panic over what it’ll be over. It’s convincing myself that I need to stay up tonight to finish it off that’s making me anxious. I looked up sources so that isn’t bad. Just…2 pages. Need to type.

And apparently there is a staff night tonight that I NEED to go to. I like my coworkers. Hopefully they won’t mind me leaving a bit early so I can type this out and have it in before I have to get ready for work around 11:30.

By the way…my feet are covered in blisters. This is impressive, and very annoying. I think most of my frustrations are coming from mom not being here right now and me just starting an emotionally demanding job. I have to deal with the cats, my chores, and everything with very little time if I want to get 8 hours.

They say that it gets better though. I hope that someone for the love of God donates today. I’ll update later with the purpose of The Cause. It’s a good one.

Off to get ready. ❤


If there was ever a header for my blog it would be this:

Summer Vacation: College Edition

Or maybe this?

…Opulence, I has it.


Of course the next entry I have to write is about an interview I had yesterday. I have part 2 of said interview on Monday where I actually see how the job is done, to really see if I’d like it and finally decide if I get the job or not. I’m kind of jonesing right now for this position. I’d be an activist for the Citizens Action Coalition, which is Indiana’s largest and oldest non-profit for the promotion and education of clean energy and other good things. I learned that Indiana is nuclear plant-free because of the organization. Right now they’re trying to push for a lower dependency on coal energy for solar and wind-power. I can dig it. I went to Hanover, I know how to have an opinion. So on Monday I have my observation day where I’ll get to test the ropes and possibly get my feet wet. While I’m still a bit blindsided by how …simple the interviewing process was (at least so far), I’m keeping my fingers crossed. By simple I mean laid back. It’s clearly a group of people I could enjoy being around. Dress is casual of course since walking door-to-door is the main job in informing (nothing crazy, he laughed), which I can dig.


Well, I got pants from my closet. Like, my only pair. And I got back from Amy’s early so I went with mom to get shoes. At first I was going for flats but then I saw these really fun heels. Nothing major; just 1″ deals that are pointy-toed and amazing. For $15 at Shoe Carnival. I felt like I looked like a presentable person, and that’s good. I’m going to just stick with my tennis shoes for Monday though. Maybe jeans. Probably my khakis. I’m excited.

Oh, and mom is taking herself a vacation with Carol so that’s fun. I get to watch the cats. And pray for work. I don’t know what I’ll do without her for a week… She bought a lot of food and some in canned goods. I have a feeling I’m going to eat a lot of Chef Boyardee and cold meat sandwiches. I am a capable, worthwhile creature. I am…
ALSO. We have stray kittens. Along with Gus, who we’ve been feeding for over a year now. The kittens are very pretty, there’s a gray stripped …striped (er, I always confuse the two) and a white with gray patches. The white one is a handsome kitten for sure. I spent like five minutes dangling my keys to try and lure him closer before mom called me Clyde and demanded that I get in my car to take us out to dinner. Fish fry. Also end up wanting to die after that.

Let’s see how this all goes~