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You can tell it’s been a long time since I’ve been shopping just for the good of shopping. I wanted to get a webcam that worked on my computer and had $50 from babysitting to my name. I touched EVERYTHING we passed…It wasn’t my fault they had the fleece blankets so close to the main aisles but yes. When I don’t have money I don’t fiddle with things I’ve realize. Just go about walking while the person with the money goes shopping. How odd.

I also saw all of the Halloween stuff being set up. They had these cute little ghosts to hang in the window and I wanted one. And then I acknowledged that my kittens would get to them and waste $5. They do that. Oh! We got them a scratching post thing you put catnip on and Tom absolutely loves it. We’re trying to keep them busy until we go to get them declawed in October.

…Today was my first day of honest hoodie weather. It was glorious. I love autumn so much. It was a good day overall really. I went out to breakfast with mom, shopped a bit, and played around with my camera to get pictures of the kids. Saturday is Saturday.


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  1. No, no, buy the ghosts. THE CATS DESERVE IT YOU KNOW

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