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Seize the…Kitten?

Some days I wish I was a kitten, and I do this because of how mine act. It must be nice to eat and sleep and crap… and that’s all you do. I s’pose we could pick fun at me and say ‘Why Jackie, that’s what YOU do!’. I only have one thing to say to that.

Gay porn.

Eat, sleep, hang around in my ‘library’ (I’m certainly not the only one that calls the bathroom that), and watch gay porn. I transcend my kittens’ daily rituals in that way. Actually no, they have me beat. They do a fair share of destroying blinds. Our living room window has been devastated from Jerry hanging off the blinds and we have no clue how to stop her. She’s been put in my room twice today due to acting up.

…Funny how the quiet ones turn into complete hellions.

But kittens. And being of the ‘damned cute and adored for sleeping curled up’ lifestyle. Pretty sweet.

On another note I won’t be babysitting anymore. I lasted a week. I’m a good babysitter but she just kept on crying. It was insane how much she’d cry. Cute baby when she was smiling… Cringe-worthy when she wailed. The mother isn’t hurt by it though, she knows how much Serenity cries. (The irony of a very un-serene child being named Serenity is not lost by me.) Maybe when she’s a bit older I can watch her. Mom’s nerves can’t deal with it though and it was just a matter of ‘ew, I don’t wanna’ before each time, just because I was weary of her crying.

Yeah, mom’s still going on about how good a mother I’d make. I’ll just stick with cats. And cacti! I’m sure I won’t kill a cactus now that I’m old enough to respectably neglect a hearty plant.


Comments on: "Seize the…Kitten?" (4)

  1. You are so obsessed with gay porn. I think you need to step back and get a new hobby, and read a book or something. A book not dealing with porn. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU JACKIE.

    Also, ha ha, Serenity. Always such an ironic name.

    • But anything can be gay porn! Even when it’s straight!

      You’re such a killjoy, Em. I hope you know. You spam my journal going ‘I am teh disappoint’ at me with every turn. You shunner. You nonbeliever! Have faith in me before I fwap you.

      And then make my characters be haughty at your characters if we ARE-PEE.

  2. I can do plot without the intimate bits. I think that it’d only be er, slightly (understatement) awkward to PWP with a pal you know in person, yo.

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