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Alright, alright. Consider this my ‘YOU ARE A SHAMEFUL UPDATER ON YOUR LIFE’ entry. Comeback. Whatnot.

I’m tired! Really, honestly tired. There have been a few things that have been briefed over in Facebook statuses and whatnot, but I’m going to elaborate some.

I possibly have a job in medical transcription. It’s one of those work-at-home deals that I found through Amy. She and her husband had a good look at it when she was applying for it as well. We both got emails saying we had done well on the transcription part and we just needed to tell them when we could work. Still waiting for an email back. And GMail is acting like an ass. So, nay for that. I would pretty much work CONSTANTLY all day long when I’m not finishing off my last credit for Hanover (taking French in January) or helping around online.
Or RPing. I do that quite a bit. (And yes, Emily, my lone stalker-we should)

I’ve also taken up babysitting. I don’t know how long I’ll continue; this is a trial as is. Basically, I want the baby’s mother to go to school so she can get a better job. Right now she’s not making a great deal of money so my asking price …was diced. I sought advice. Someone on a site I go to went “Eh, I make minimum wage as it is; I pay $20 a day” …and I don’t have money. So even $20 a day is more than I had originally. I have the baby a long time, 9-1 and then 3-8 (ish, depending on when she gets out of work). Yeah…it’s practically charity work, but I do want to help when I can. And I’d otherwise be online toddling around. So this gives me some money.

And if the transcription works out that’s about $15/hr and I will gladly transcribe all damned day at that rate.

Mom seems fairly reassured that there’s something on my plate. Possibly.

…I like how I get interrupted mid-entry to coo at the baby to try and convince her that yes, she wants SLEEP. …and I don’t think she does. I’m not having children. Ever.


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  1. Yo yo yo, WE SHOULD RP. Or something.
    Nice to know you’re teaching the children to like kittens.

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