est. 1987


I don’t know if you’ll happen upon this blog or this entry, or even if I’ll give it to you to look at, but you’ve been in my life for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Since 6, right? There’s a lot I wish I could tell you but I think it’d dampen the mood.

I’m sorry that college pulled us apart like it did. For four years I was only back in Ft Wayne for a week or two at holidays. Being as Hanover is brilliant and all, our breaks didn’t line up. I was in school – you were at home. Rinse and repeat. I did get to see you and talk to you select times though and I miss those. Even if I’m not a party person. Even when I have a bunch of guys chanting over my boobs. That’ll always be a charming memory, even though it’s been forever since it happened.

I love and appreciate you. You are nothing short of amazing, even now. If you needed an emergency marriage I would do it. I have countless memories with you. We have been through a lot. I might be slow with being a good friend, but I hope you can give a bit of patience my way. We’re 23 now. We have awhile in all good faith to continue being incredibly wrong together.

And I mean that in every good, positive, amazing way possible. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if you are a tramp. A very large tramp.




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