est. 1987

Getting by.

Beyond getting in major arguments with exes and being unemployed, not much changes in my life. I could use some change.

I’m tired of sitting here. I might not be the most go-get-em-let’s-go! types of people, and I know I’m too laid back for my own good, but I can’t stand sitting around. I would like a job if only to give me something to do and different people to see.

And pray that I don’t hate them.

Oh, and upon stumbling, because I use my StumbleUpon way too much, I found a website called You can write yourself a letter that will be emailed to you however long in the future you want. I entertained myself with that for a bit, then my ex insisted I do one for them.

Do you really want that? Idiot. So I did. 2015 is the due year. 😉 Ha, take that. I set my own email for 2015 as well. Maybe by then I’ll have SOME things sorted out and won’t be the mess I am now.

But I wear it well. 🙂


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