est. 1987

Failure to Launch

Without the use of a half nude Matthew McConaughey by my side, I finally find myself writing in this blasted thing. I don’t suppose people that will find the link to this need much of an introduction to me. The name is Jackie and I’m fast approaching 23 years of age. I graduated from Hanover College in May and I’m envious of my friends that didn’t and get to return for another year. I can face that I don’t really dig the idea of being an adult.

So I’m faking it.

I still cling to the glory days of pogs and NSYNC, and if someone has an issue with that consider a finger bitten in your general direction. I represent the generation that has been much too coddled for its own good. Adult? Not even close. I know a few capable souls, yes, but I know 20 more for every 1 that is in the same situation.

Right now I’m applying for jobs. Jobs that have nothing to do with my degree. I’m just hoping to set aside money for when my student loans’ grace period ends. So far no luck. The only condolence I have is that A LOT of people are in the same situation as me.

Honestly, I couldn’t have done grad school right away. I was pretty much done with education by my senior year (broken ankle, winter, lack of food resources, missed deadlines, and panic). I don’t do well with stress when I feel 20 years behind on projects, donchaknow? So, I made a conscious decision to not go to grad school right away. Maybe in a year.

Until then I’m fairly frustrated with just about everything. 😀 I think that’s a common thing for post-grads though, especially the ones not lucky enough to get amazing job ops or grad school right away. The real world… tch. More like a headache.

At least I have Dr. Who and fanfiction. Helps pass the time.

Oh. And a KITTEN. I shall be getting Thomas before my birthday this month as he’s finally old enough to be separated from his mother. I’m excited. Now, if I had a camera I would share my ginger wonder with the internet.

PS: Happy 4th. Don’t blow off anything you need in the morning, kiddos.


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